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Wednesday, 9 April 2008


The first thing I saw in Prague was a big clock.

Tourists love the clock. It is shiny.

Walking down the alley next to this church, I was offered drugs, which I politely declined.

I found lots of water in Prague, ...

...a huge chair...

and Charles Bridge.

Cobblestones are in abundance.

Sprites, elves, nymphs and pixies may also be found in Prague.

One in particular remains fresh in the mind, ...

...but we did not get the chance to discuss the ether, ... she remained preoccupied with a big, awkward-looking fairy.

I did not eat at this establishment, ...

...nor this one.

However, I did visit the ghetto, ... well as the nice bits...

...and the narrow bits.

Spot the baby!

Up on the hill.

Caffeine brings people together.

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