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Monday, 14 April 2008

oh. emm. gee. doubleyou. tee. eff?


I have nothing whatsoever to do with the following drawing. It was sent to me by a friend, who found it on some bizarre message board.

What does it mean? Who took the time to draw this? Why?

Just why?

...Spongebob no-pants.



~*Stina*~ said...

maybe its symbolizing the mindless creaters which rape and warp the minds of the young and stop them from learning and seeking something beyond these characters!

ooopps just a thought ;) hows you chum? x

~*Stina*~ said...

creaters = creatures

~*Stina*~ said...

or creators? ideas ha.

Gorikka said...

I'm pretty sure that it means that somewhere there is an epic battle between cartoon characters to see who gets to enter the magical kingdom of Oz.
And I think Bart Simpson's winning.