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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

"The News Is a Turnip" and Other Stories

So here we are. A month and a half after my last post, and exactly two since the last one I personally wrote. What is this blog about? And why am I so bad at keeping it compared with once upon a time when I had a MySpace account with an attached blog?

You tell me.

Since my last proper post, I've been through a few adventures. My desktop computer kept playing up with BSODs, despite a fresh installation of Windows, which demanded frequent system restores, so I spent the entirety of May on my little netbook in a sort of partially self-imposed Lappiness.

I am back from Lapland now, but while there, I have, among other things, joined Twitter. I am still getting acustomed to its culture, and, for the moment at least, enjoying its simple, stripped down nature, and the lack of heavy advertising along the sides. We shall see how long that will last! (P.S. the porn bots that try to add you do get annoying, but hey, this is the Internet!)

Is the above image accurate? Only time will tell. However, I will concede that a love/hate relationship is currently brewing in my head. I love the fact that the 140 character limit acts as an incentive to contact people whom you normally just wouldn't e-mail; since signing up I've had brief exchanges with a couple of my favourite musicians (Kristin Hersh and Alec Empire) and the author of one of my favourite webcomics. Does any of that count as 'Internet Celebrity Disorder'? I also love the wide range of organisations, websites, think tanks, and newspapers you can effectively 'subscribe' to without the hassle of creating accounts on dozens of websites and signing up to newsletters that will clog up your mail box.

The hate? The fact that this makes it almost TOO easy to get your daily dose of news; something I loathed about traditional media, be it TV or your 'favourite' newspaper or magazine, was that the audience could not be anything but a passive consumer (letters to the editor aside). You are handed the 'news' and are expected to swallow and digest as is, whereas I always found that the real news, while out there, was only found if you did your own, often thorough and extensive, digging. After training oneself in the art of reading the same story multiple times from different sources (trust me, it is an art) does one realise what one should make of what is said, and, often more importantly, what is not, by said sources.

The redeeming factor? With a more efficient distribution and delivery system in place, one probably ends up clicking away at more links than one normally would anyway. The only problem in this instance is information overload, however that's down to the individual to manage their way around. But then again, I repeat: hey, this is the Internet!

But Twitter is also not all work and news and distribution systems. It's amusing too! In the past week I have started being followed by two seemingly lonely Asian men who appear to believe, judging by the other people they are following, that I am a girl. They are certainly getting no action from me. Will they be any more successful with the others?

Another prime example of Twitter amusement is 90s Alternative/Indie rocker (yes, I know we're 9 years into the 21st century and she's still making music, but she still sounds like the 90s, so my label stands) Juliana Hatfield. The lady is funny!

Aside from Twitter, another adventure I have embarked upon is Chrono Trigger on my DS, almost six months after downloading it.

It's probably been over ten years since I last sat down to play it through on the SNES, so the experience of reliving it is nice. The best RPG ever? Possibly. I'd kept my old copy in mint condition since 1995 and it fetched a wonderful £75 for me on eBay a couple of years ago.


Woah! So I realise I've pretty much written a blog entry and I haven't even started talking about the initial topic I had in mind. Seeing as that will be completely out of place here, I'm leaving that for tomorrow. Does this mean I just got my blogging Mojo back?

Watch this space.

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