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Saturday, 2 February 2008

I miss you...

...not only you,
but the others too.

I miss you all... dearly.

You do not know me, but I pray that one day you will...
...when it matters.

I miss the things your presence did to my heart,
but your absence is doing things to my entire being.

I am both resentful and thankful.

I resent being unable to let the world know how much I miss you,
but I am more thankful as this keeps my emotion purest, closest to my core, between only the three of us.

Some sleep, some wake and some continue sleeping.
Some fly, some crash and some continue flying.

The factory that mass produces the sleeping pill craftfully forges the wings.

It has been but a day,
yet I miss you,
and I miss the others
it practically

But you are precisely where you are meant to be,
I am precisely where I am meant to be,
and the story continues.

I am grateful to have experienced this chapter.

Say hello to everyone.

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