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Friday, 7 December 2007


A song I used to listen to ten years ago
Another song
A song about feelings and glances and sparks and butterflies
A song about love
A song written and sung by adults for teenagers
None of it ever happened
Except for...
...a fleeting...
...moment or two
But mostly in people's minds
Another ploy by the devil himself to suck the life out of the young, with all their bloody enthusiasm, curiousity, intuition and goodwill
'They pay well'
Here's an idea, let's convince everyone they want to be perpetual teenagers, not in smiling at the next challenge, but in endlessly yearning for that moment they heard of on the record, they're earning now too!
But I refuse
I am old
Halfway to 48
I still have my enthusiasm
Having dragged... through...
...dark back-alleys
Of my own accord
But I've been immersed in your shit long enough to know that it stinks
Not long enough to ruin my sense of smell
I'm moving away to the countryside
Manure does not disturb me

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